Laser Engraving 

Laser engraving is the use of lasers to engrave or mark objects in many different ways. One of the most common is to use engrave parts and other types of equipment for easy reading for replacing. I, Thomas J. Duffy, have taken lasers to a whole other level. I have started to use lasers to engrave many different objects from paper to glass. When you want a unique piece of art for your home or part of your project I can assist you by creating exactly what you want and finish by cutting our new art work with a laser.

There are many ways to do laser engraving choosing to use computer-aided design or CAD makes designing your work and getting the exact look you want is the easiest way. I can make your laser project one that will be as unique as you would like it to be. When you want quality work, you can rest easy knowing I will always provide you with the best possible work I can accomplish. When you want glass or wood engraving, you know I will provide you with a more than an adequate piece of art. I want to help you to create something that is exactly what you have been wanting or what you need for any type of project.

You will find I offer several different prices for my laser work. Many laser artists will charge you much more for their laser engraving works. Personally, I want to provide my clients with works of art that will with not break their banks with any luck. That is why you can get small stencil work from me for as little as 20 dollars. However if you are in need of a much larger or a piece that is full of small details the cost will go up. Years of experience with laser engraving I have been doing laser engraving for years and have been able to provide my clients with many excellent pieces of art. No matter if you find an image or design you like from any form I can duplicate it with my CAD program. I have even been known to sample a floor border cutting file and use that sample for a greeting card. When you want engraving done on any type of object using the laser system can make your engraving work beautiful, scaleable and repeatable. I have been self employed and featured in museums of fine arts for the past 35 years. If you want quality laser engraving, I would be more than happy to provide the service for you. You can call me at 518-222-9832 and I can get back to you as soon as possible, about what you want for your project. You can also email me at I am looking forward to hearing from you by email or a telephone call so we can get your project stated and back to you as quickly as possible.

Custom Laser Cutting

When looking for custom laser cutting you will want a professional who knows how to take your designs and ideas and make them in to something truly beautiful.

Laser Cut Marquetry

Having the ability to use laser cut for marquetry can save time and assist you when you want a more accurate and detailed piece.

Laser Cutting Services

If you're searching for a unique way to create custom designs for your business or personal use then utilizing laser cutting services is an excellent way to see details and intricate designs and patterns brought to life.

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