Laser Cutting Wood 

Today, woodcutting is a great application for the high precision of laser cutting. Laser wood cutting produces exact grooves along the worked surface and provides many benefits for those looking to have uniform pieces cut and molded. Laser can be used to create inlay pieces, interior furniture, crafts, and gift items.

Although laser wood cutting works well with most types of wood, basswood, maple, and birch seem to do particularly well. Of course, you can also get other types of wood such as mahogany and cherry cut and engraved by a laser wood cutting product, too. Please keep in mind that wood thickness can be an issue with laser cutting. Thinner woods cut more easily. Some woods like teak are resistant to cutting at almost any thickness. Woods from veneer thickness to 1/8" - 1/4" thickness usually cut very well with the laser.

Benefits of a laser wood cutting service

Laser wood cutting offers many advantages, but the biggest advantage is being able to provide you with customized products. From cutting to engraving, lasers are able to take ordinary wood surface and make them into the individualized products and items that you are searching for.

Laser wood cutting doesn't need a lot of jigging so it makes it laser cutting ideal for cutting wood pieces that are hard to hold using conventional cutting approaches. If you have a small production run then it might also be more practical to use laser wood cutting.

During production, laser wood cutting doesn't use any tools that might wear. As a result, the finished product is accurate and precise, with high repeatability of detail which might be difficult to achieve using other types of cutting methods. Corners can also be cut without leaving a tool radius that is often associated with mechanical cutting since the laser beam's width is narrower than some cutting tools'.

Additional benefits of using a laser wood cutting service include high speed, low spoilage rates, a lack of ink drying time,[<-not useful] and the ability to engrave difficult materials with ease.

Why use a laser wood cutting service

There are numerous reasons to use this type of service, both for individuals and businesses. Quality products can be used for promotional purposes for businesses while individuals might require the individualization of an otherwise standard wooden surface within their home.

The reasons for needing wood cut are many but the bottom line is that sometimes traditional cutting methods simply aren't as effective as they were in the past. This is particularly true if you are seeking precision and accuracy and need to get those right the first time. The flexibility of the laser cutting tools also means that you can cut items in a variety of ways and aren't held back by the limitations of some mechanical tools.

Woodcutting is an art form. Laser wood cutting has expanded on this time honored tradition and improved upon the accuracy and precision of the endeavor. Smooth edges and repeatability are important for those who are seeking perfection in their wood cutting and laser cutting can help provide this.

If you're looking for a service that can give you quality for your needs then someone with a history of quality performance, such as Thomas J. Duffy of, can ensure that your needs are met.

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