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Laser cutting has been popular for a variety of mediums over the years, but few materials are seeing the benefits of using lasers as much as fabric. In the past, cutting fabric could be difficult with traditional methods and not exactly precise, but with the help of a laser fabric cutter it's possible to achieve looks and designs that were nearly impossible before.

Regardless as to what industry you are in, fabric cutting requires precision and momentum to get the best results. A laser fabric cutter can help your business achieve made-to-order products that look professional and unique. Increasingly used for their capability of creating elaborate cuts on an assortment of materials, a laser fabric cutter is one of the best ways to ensure that your engraving has precision and fine details.

A laser fabric cutter can be used on a variety of fabrics and both synthetic fabrics and natural fibers alike are able to see great results when cut and engraved with one. In the past, it could be difficult to find contrast with conventional cutting methods but a laser fabric cutter can produce lovely results by burning away the top layer and providing a striking contrast within the fabric. In fact if your material has a percentage of poly the laser cutting process will self-seam the edge for ease of sewing and handling with out fraying.

A laser fabric cutter can even be used on synthetic leather and many clients enjoy de-bossed look the engraving produces. Depending on what style you're going for, it could appear refined, edgy, or even vintage.

Other fabrics that a laser fabric cutter can produce good results with include felt, leather, fleece, and denim. It is generally not advised to use loose knitted cloth since it can be difficult to engrave them as they tend to scorch first.

The nearly perfect cut of a laser fabric cutter offers consistency and easier manipulation of the fabric. In addition, it can result in beautiful seared edges which can help keep the fabric from unraveling. Because the speed itself is faster and cutter throughput is higher, you'll usually find the results more detailed using laser cutting.

Fraying has long since been an issue in the textile industry but with a laser fabric cutter this is no longer such an issue. The machine cuts and actually melts the fabric as it goes so that the fraying issue that can pop up down the road is thwarted.

Of course, a lot of people prefer to use laser cutting for fabric due to the detailed patterns that can be achieved. Cutting with a blade or scissors is challenging for detailed work but a laser fabric cutter can work from intricate patterns to produce first-rate results. It accomplishes this because there is no contact between the laser head and the material. Cutting is by vaporizing the cut area with energy.

If you're an individual or company searching for a professional to help you with your engraving or cutting needs then Thomas J. Duffy at can work with you to help you achieve great results at a reasonable cost. By using a laser fabric cutter, he can bring to life some of your most complicated designs. Contact him on his website today for a price quote and to get your unique project started.

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