Laser Wood Engraving 

There are many ways to make certain pieces pop out, but a beautiful design or pattern can set any wood item apart. Wood carving has been an art form for centuries but now, with the help of modern technology, laser wood engraving takes this time honored tradition to the next level. Benefits of laser wood engraving

In the past, carving tools were generally used to create designs on wood surfaces. Nowadays, though, great results can be achieved by resorting to CO2 laser wood engraving. With this type of technology, it's easy to create complicated designs and patterns and even replicate them if that's your desire.

One of the key advantages to using laser wood engraving is the amount of control the artist has over the design. With laser tools, it's easier to get precision and details that hand-held traditional carving tools had difficulty with in the past.

Another benefit of laser wood engraving is that it is cost-effective. Artists such as Thomas J. Duffy of are able to provide beautiful products at reasonable costs to clients. The accuracy in the small details is stunning when using laser wood engraving yet the outcomes are even more enticing when you consider the fact the pricing is sometime less than what you might find with other methods that aren't as superior.

Defining Laser Wood Engraving Laser wood engraving is the process of using lasers to engrave or mark wooden surfaces. Using laser tools doesn't involve using inks or other types of conventional tools that traditionally cause wooden surfaces to become worn.

The idea of burning designs on wood is not a recent one. For years, artists and craftsmen have known and used the concept of burning patterns and designs onto wooden surfaces in order to create unique looks. Over the years, however, as technology has improved laser wood engraving has become more popular since the equipment is manageable and produces fine results.

Laser wood engraving works well on a variety of woods but hardwoods such as maple, walnut, mahogany, and oak come out with some of the best results.

Why use engraving

People use wood engraving for many reasons, from business purposes to personal reasons. A beautiful engraving can personalize an object or turn something standard and ordinary into a work of art for decorating or display purposes. Some businesses use engraving for promotional purposes.

Many people today are taking older objects and engraving them or burning designs into them to help give the objects new life or purpose. A new pattern or design can make a wooden surface appear fresh or individualized. Of course, engraving can also give meaning to an object as well and many people use it for gift giving purposes.

Laser wood engraving is an art form, even though it uses a modern form of technology. To give an ordinary wooden item a new look or facelift, or to personalize it, engraving can be a unique method to add something special and exceptional to a surface that you might not expect.

Laser Cut Patterns

Having your patterns laser cut will give you a more accurate pattern with plenty of details. When you are looking for someone to do engraving work for you, Thomas J. Duffy is one of the best when it comes to engraving and laser patterns

Laser Cutting Wood

Today, woodcutting is a great application for the high precision of laser cutting. Laser wood cutting produces exact grooves along the worked surface and provides many benefits for those looking to have uniform pieces cut and molded.

Laser Fabric Cutter

Laser cutting has been popular for a variety of mediums over the years, but few materials are seeing the benefits of using lasers as much as fabric.

Laser Paper Cutter

Paper cutting has actually been used for over 1,500 years for various reasons. It is well respected and in some cultures a time honored form of art.

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